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The whole of Tai-ji has gone dead because of imitation.
One cannot imitate anything that is real,
the real is always spontaneous:
one can jump into it
but one cannot practise it.

Three people push strongly on the waist of the master who stands in front of the wall.@However, their power is absorbed, so their attack is completely ineffective.
The next moment the three people were flipped off like an arrow.
The master does not use any repulsion of the wall etc at all.

The master sits on a chair quietly, and makes his disciples fly backwards, using only Tai-Ji energy.
This intense power comes from the relaxed iFang Song) body.

One disciple runs into and pushes the belly of the master strongly.
The next moment, he is blown away, as if he was flipped by a big rubber ball.

The master can feel even the slightest change in his environment.
He can blow away a disciple using only a little of his power.

One disciple touches the master.
The moment he makes contact he is suddenly blown away violently, without understanding what happened.

"Push Hands" training of the women at the Advanced Martial Art Class.

Even a schoolchild can blow away an adult in this way. Obedience and receptivity are essential for progress.



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