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A monk asked Japanese zen master Hyakujo Yekai :
What is the miraculous event in the world ?
Hyakujo said :
I sit here all by myself !

Even if the master is pushed by disciples with all their strength, he stands completely firm.

The master dropped a disciple onto the back of his head.
This is one of the Tai-Ji techniques.
Tai-Ji is a practical battle-martial art.

One disciple attacks the master.
At the last moment, the master dodges the offense, moves around to the back of the disciple, and punches his face taking his standing leg.
The time required is just 0.3 seconds.

One disciple kicks the master with all his might expecting to hit the master with much force.
However, the master was not there already.@
We learn how to use the Tai-Ji body that is free, complex, and soft.

Since the master has practiced the martial art for a long time and progressed very much, he can feel clearly when an opponent will attack.
When the master is fighting with an opponent . He seems like an adult, playing with a child.

The moment she thinks "I could strike the master", her body won't respond.
We exercise for making the body which can move as a martial art.

The thrust of a disciple was dodged. At the same time, the slap of the master strikes his belly.
Nobody can completely predict the movement or the relaxed (Fang Song) master.@
This photograph shows the moment before the second slap of the master strikes.

This exercise involves standing on a big rubber ball. They cannot press on the ball with their feet or kick on the ball, either. To do this exercise we must be centered and relax our bodies.

He stands on his knees on a rubber ball and jumps repeatedly.@This exercise is more difficult than it appears.

He jumps repeatedly, standing on a rubber ball. By the Tai-Ji body, such a thing becomes possible.



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