"The Academy of Tai-ji Martial Art" was formally called "The Orthodox Traditional Chen Style Tai-ji Martial Art".
Our knowledge and techniques were taught to our master by Master Zhang.
He was not a member of the Chen family but studied with a disciple of Chen Zi-ming, a 17th generation member of the Chen family.

Our school's mission statement is to preserve and hand down our unique Chen-style techniques and study system.
These are authentic martial art features, developed long ago for use in actual fighting.

The founding master Chen You-ben who was a 14th generation member of the Chen family created "New Frame" including "The Frames (a new routine)" and the way to practice it. They are based on Chen Style Tai-ji.

Three generations later, Chen Zi-ming, a 17th generation member of the Chen family came along. At first, he learned Chen Style Tai-ji from his father.
After that he trained with him. His father practiced three styles of tai-ji.
They were "New Frame" developed by Chen You-ben, "Old Frame" and "Zhaobao Style".

In summary, Chen Zi-ming practiced four styles of Chen Style Tai-ji the traditional, Chen You-ben's "New Frame", "Small Style of New Frame" and "Zhaobao Style".
He must have been quite unique in knowing such a wide range of styles and techniques. We feel extremely fortunate to have inherited his knowladge and have the privilidge and responsibility to pass it on to the next generation.

The Chen Style Tai-ji martial art that we do here, has been handed down, but retains all of the original high quality theories and practices of tai-ji.
Currently in China and Taiwan, the birth place of tai-ji, much of the original teachings are becoming lost in their new modern society.

Today it is forgotten by most of modern tai-ji that Zhan Zhuang training is developed by the training of one's mind and the tai-ji way of walking and movements.
However, our school includes these important basics as part of our authentic program. Also we provide high quality instruction in the actual practice of tai-ji throught Ka-shou (Pushing hands exercise) and San-shou (Free combat practice with partner) practice and theory.

We are taught phased practice for "New Frame Forms of Thirteen Forms" according to proven high quality martial art theory.
Instruction depends on the individuals purpose and level.
In short "The Academy of Tai-ji Martial Art" offers a rare opportunity to learn tai-ji in its original form.

When people learns the theory and practice of Chen Style Tai-Ji which Shi-fu Yohgen Maruyama (Shi-fu means master) hands down, they fully realize what true Tai-Ji is.
It seems that people experienced in martial arts feel this especially intensely.

Shi-fu Maruyama's style of teaching is that of the origional Chinese traditional martial art of Tai-ji with the weight of the long history and culture of China.
This style existed before Tai-ji was modified to become a performance game or simply healthy exercises. Everyone who learns Tai-Ji here, realizes the dignity of original Tai-Ji, the true power of this "martial art" and the fighting power which is often hidden.

Shi-fu Maruyama's style of teaching is that of the origional Chinese traditional martial art of Tai-ji with the weight of the long history and culture of China. This style existed before Tai-ji was modified to become a performance game or simply healthy exercises. Everyone who learns Tai-Ji here, realizes the dignity of original Tai-Ji, the true power of this "martial art" and the fighting power which is often hidden.

All branches of Tai-ji, including the origional Chen Style Tai-Ji were modified to become more structured and competitive during the last fifty years. The resulting new styles are analagous to a tiger with extracted fangs. These new "healthy exercises" have been national policy in China for the last half a centuary.

Many direct descents of Tai-ji followers who lived in the Chinese mainland became national instructors of the new style. They were appointed by the national government rather than the traditional leaders of secret family sects. Other Tai-ji specialists became chi-kung specialists or sport lecturers.

And Chinese traditional martial arts which have the history of thousands of years, changed to the good performer of "The forms for performance" reedited according to the national intention.
Martial art spirit is found out through the competition of the push hands game without a martial art-element, and it is visible as if it was believed that aiming at it was the only way which may make the present age continue tradition martial art.

These days almost all schools of Tai-ji portray Tai-ji as an "excellent way to improve and maintain health", a "lifelong sport adaptable according to age or physical strength" and a "useful self-defense method in an emergency". The schools believe that these ideas, which they are spreading to the people of the world, encompass the true meaning of the Chinese "martial art" in this age. However, foreign countries have little knowledge of the original spirit of this Chinese "martial art" and the origional "pure" advanced system of Tai-ji is disappearing.

The modified Tai-ji spread all over the world has lost most of it's origional "marital art" spirit.
Shao Lin Quan, Tang Lang Quan, Xin Yi Quan, Yi Quan, Nan Quan, Ba Ji Quan, etc. become known as actual fighting methods, and the image of Tai-ji was completely established as simply a "healthy exercise", excluding much of it's history as a true martial art.

Moreover, as Tai-ji spread internationally, it's instruction materialised as new business ventures (videos, magazines etc). Some branches of martial arts other than Tai-ji, do not posess the fundamental power of taichi or the powerful techniques to match. However, they use their original technique skillfully and market their methods as "legends", "secrets" etc. Tai-ji is also being developed commercially, however the marketed versions are not so authentic.

Moreover, especially in Japan, some teachers teach Ba Ji Quan, Tang Lang Quan, Pi Gua Quan, etc and Tai-ji at the same time, some teachers teach Chen Style Tai-Ji and Yang Style Tai-Ji at the same time, and some teachers of Chen Style Tai-Ji teache Yang Style pushing hands.
They ignore the system of martial art and battle theory as the foundation, and teach the form as battle usage as it is.
We wonder why so many of these kind of exercise halls and classrooms exist.

We reflect on such a situation of the present-day Tai-ji, and make the following items our purpose and the significance of existence.

We continue research and study, in order to hand down correctly the system and the theory of the taichi as pure "martial art" which continues from ancient times, to the future generations.

We provide the opportunity to study the advanced "Theory and practice of Chen Style Tai-Ji " to those people who search earnestly for an authentic martial art.

We bring up successors who can learn and preserve this invaluable "system and theory".

The outline of instruction contents

Our headquarters dojo has three kinds of classes, and in each class, learning according to your purpose is possible.

Bacis Class : For the person aiming at the health of mind and body.

Intermediate Class : For the person pursuing a full-scale martial art for self-growth.

Advanced Martial Art Class : For the person considering Chen Style Tai-Ji as a lifelong practice and aspiring to be a successor.

Our martial art system

Our specialties are our advanced "martial art system" and our "study system" which are superior features of Chen Style Tai-Ji.

We regard Chen Style Tai-Ji as an advanced science requiring great learning.
We are constantly advancing through earnest research and study such as meditation, philosophy, anthropology, physics, and medicine.

Furthermore, we believe that human evolution is fostered highly by many people who practice the advanced martial arts, which improve the body, mind and spirit.

This is the martial art system currently being handed down by Shi-fu Maruyama in this school.

The Basic Theory

The Study of Tai-Ji
The Study of Chen Style Tai-Ji
The Thought of Taoism
The Thought of Confucianism
Spirits of Martial Art
The Theory of Chinese Medicine

The Body Movement Theory

Yi, Chi, Body

Training Contents


Yi Gong : Yi training

Zhan-zhuang : Zhan-zhuang is one of the important Tai-ji training for the cultivation of three axis of sphere by useing the consciousness which is to harmonize spirit with body and yield the relaxation and strain to inside body by getting sense from the phenomenon of the nature. Use the correct consciousness. Never use this way to strengthen your muscles or for other physical strengthening.

Steps Method, Hands Method, Body Method

Ka-shou (Pushing hands practice),
San-shou (Free combat practice with partner)


Yi Gin Ching : Literally Changing Muscle/Tendon Classic Technique. Credited to Da Mo around 550 A.D., this work discusses Wai Dan Chi Kung training for strengthening the physical body.

Shii Soei Ching : Cleansing Marrow/Brain Classic Technique. Chi Kung training specializes in leading Chi to the marrow to cleanse it.

Tiea Bu Shan : Iron shirt. Kung Fu training which toughens the body externally and internally.


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