Our school was founded by Yohgen Maruyama. From 1972 until 1981 he learned Chen Style Tai-ji from Master Zhang who practiced Chen Zi-ming Style of Tai-ji.
In the early '70s, only a few people knew Tai-ji. It was unusual for a Japanese man to learn high quality Chen-style Ta-ji through not only the authentic practice of actual Tai-ji movements but also through the rigorous study of Tai-ji theory .

In 1979 Master Maruyama, who was living in Kanagawa at that time, met a young man who had an unusual talent for Tai-ji. This man was permited to learn from the master and became the master's first disciple.

After this disciple left, the master didn't have any more disciples. He decided to close his business and moved from Kanagawa to a small village in Nagano. This village was a snowy place situated 800 metres above sea level. During his time living in the village, Master Maruyama worked as a Chinese-massage therapist. In his spare time, he trained himself in meditation and the tea ceremony. He also wrote haiku, created artistic works including musical compositions, and continued to practice tai-ji.

Before long, Master Maruyama became well known to the villagers. Many of them were interested in martial arts and asked the master to teach them Tai-ji.
Thus, the Master began to teach Tai-ji classes in 1994.

The first classes were mainly held outside in the beautiful nature of Nagano. In the snowy winter, lessons were conducted either at the Master's own home or in the town gymnasium.

At that time, there were many foreigners in Nagano due to the Winter Olympics.
An Australian woman who had been staying in a nearby village became fascinated by the master's Tai-ji. She was a candidate for the Australian Olympic running team. This woman became involved in the Tai-ji classes. She eventually traded in running for Tai-ji and became a true disciple.

During the seven years he taught in Nagano, Master Maruyama only taught therapeutic Tai-ji for those who aimed to improve their health and general Tai-ji for those interested in the martial art. He never taught authentic Chen Style Tai-ji because it was top secret and could only be taught to specially selected disciples.

In 1999, Master Murayama moved to Kakegawa city in Shizuoka. Kakegawa has a mild climate and is located in a convenient place for travelling. He started teaching Tai-ji in the about 100 square yard gym our school currently uses. Gradually, the Master began to teach authentic Chen-style Tai-ji, at first to a few selected disciples and later even to members of the general classes.

In 2001, the Master's daughter, Genka Maruyama was named as a proper successsor and teacher. This was a step towards handing down the authentic Chen Style Tai-ji to the next generation.


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