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Tai-Ji is the natural way.
Take it easily and naturally, it just comes.
However, you can be natural
but you cannot try to be natural.

Disciple A

The disciple stands straight and with his back touching the wall, and is going to walk forward from the state in which his waist is held down by her with all her strength.
Because his waist is pressed, he cannot walk forward even one step.
Even if those who are pressing are women, it is difficult to walk forward.


Similarly, the waist of the master is firmly pressed to the wall. Of course, he is given no special treatment.
The moment when the power of the woman pushing became the maximum, he begins to walk forward as usual.

Although the waist of the master is pushed with all their strength by several persons, he remains unmoved.@
On the contraryEEE

He is not affected by the pushing at all, and walks on and on forward .

One disciple pushes strongly on the master who is on his back.

She was suddenly flipped off, as if pushed back by a big rubber ball.
The master is not using the power of his arms.



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